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Suzuki plans to launch around 10 new model in Europe

Suzuki plans to launch around 10 new model in Europe

Suzuki plans to launch around 10 new model in Europe

The launch of latter generation Swift and current Grand Vitara in 2005, Including first generation SX4 in may 2006 and Splash in 2008 help Suzuki gain more than in Europe than before that set new record in 2008 when the Suzuki’s factory in Hungary work at full production volume.

Unfortunately, they have a hamburger crisis make car market shrink since then but it has been reported that the recovery should in place from 2014.So,every car makers will launch many new cars that they plan to launch during crisis but they didn’t.

Suzuki plans to launch many new car in Europe ,here is the information

At the end of this year they plans a production version of the Suzuki IV4 concept B-segment SUV.Automotive news Europe report that the car will offer in all wheel drive version only because SuzukiFan thinks that they don’t want to eat the share of the S-cross.

2015 Early of this year will launch A-segment hatchback to replace Suzuki Alto.The car will get new name “Celerio”

2016 Early 2016 will start sale of new premium B-segment hatchback

2016 Middle of 2016,SuzukiFan Expect they unveil the production version of XA-alpha,A 3.8 meter long SUV that will similar to the Volkswagan Taigun.

2016 latter part of 2016 the new Swift arrive.

2017 This year, they’re unconfirmed about new model but SuzukiFan expect generation Grand Vitara that will up size and upgrade quality to D-segment crossover.

2017 This year, they’re unconfirmed about new model but another model this year should be the new C-segment hatchback that before this date many new source report to arrive in 2015 but until now there’re no update so, we think may be they postpone to this year.

2018 Midsize MPV???,D-segment passenger car to replace Kizashi ???..Maybe?… to  that we don’t have information now.

Others model

Many source say that Suzuki is working secretly on premium hatchback that position under Swift because they consider from the Regina concept that debuted in Tokyo motor show in 2011 and Crosshiker in 2013 Tokyo motor show.They say that this maker is strong in small car category and market should be requirement for small premium hatchback.
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Suzuki developing turbo supercharge petrol engine that should arrive in 2016

Suzuki developing turbo supercharge petrol engine that should arrive in 2016

Suzuki developing turbo supercharge petrol engine that should arrive in 2016

According to various source from Japan Suzuki is working in turbo supercharge petrol engine for new range of B-segment and C-segment cars.

In July 2013,Suzuki launched benzine “Dual Jet” engine that working similar to direct injection engine (But the company doesn’t claim that).Instate they promote that “energy charge” that consist of 2 compact lithium ion battery and automatic start/ shut down system.This engine is a modify K12B 1.2 liter petrol and this system offer in Japan’s spec Suzuki Swift and Solio.The system does not increase power but a lot more save fuel.

The next step is install turbo supercharge in these engine.The source claim that they working on 1.0 liter supercharge petrol engine for next generation B-segment car (New Swift and new premium hatchback).The engine will produce in Japan and export to production base in Hungary for EU spec cars.and this engine also produce in Changan Suzuki China.

The power is not reveal but expect around 100 PS.This engine will arrive in 2016.

Suzuki K12B Dual Jet  engine

The other two engines that source understand that in working is 1.2 liter turbo supercharge petrol for C-segment car (S-cross) that should generate around 120 PS and 1.6 liter turbo supercharge petrol that expect to generate around 150 PS

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Spyshot:Suzuki plan lowcost B-segment sedan that price below YL1 codename

Suzuki B segment sedan below YL1

Spyshot: Suzuki plan low cost B-segment sedan that price below YL1 code name

For past year,We saw news from several source that Suzuki prepare a few new sedan of which will be conventional compact sedan that not unveil in production form,and other we saw in spyshots that so called”YL1 code name”,A convention B-segment that will join the brand wagon of Ford Fiesta sedan,Volkswagen Vento,Hyundai Verna and Nissan Sunny/Almera.This car will available in many countries in Asia.
2014 Suzuki B segment sedan below YL1

But the low cost B-segment that we talking,will slot below YL1. Although no confirm information but from SuzukiFan decide from the spy picture,The car may have length shorter to YL1 at around 100 mm or even similar and it should sit only in the same platform and it may be have same wheelbase or slightly shorter.

The car will get the interior that not as much as hi quality as the YL1.The interior is similar to the current generation Swift and others new Suzuki car. The console paint in two tone color with black and beige.The front exterior look similar to the front of  new A-segment hatchback “Alto YL7″
Suzuki B segment sedan below YL1 interior 1

The say that the Chinese specification will got 1.6 liter M16A engine that have 106 ps .The car should replace slow selling Aerio and prices will start around 60000 yuan compare to YL1 that will start around 80000 yuan.

The indian specification should be price around 5.5-8.5 L compare to YL1 that start at 7 L but the engine may use 1.4 liter (same with YL1 engine)
Suzuki B segment sedan below YL1 interior 2

The car will be display in production version at Beijing motor show around april 2014

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Suzuki planning a lot of new launch in K car segment (Future Kei car model release 2013-2016)

2014 Suzuki Hustler

Suzuki’s planning a lot of new launch in K car segment (Future Kei car model release 2013-2016)

Last few year,We witness a surprisingly expend in registration volume of Kei car segment (Small model with engine under 0.66 liter).The yearly expend rate even large at around 30-40%.some of the reason must be the new car marker serious that used to lazy in this segment introduce new model more than before and even the regular players in the segment are release the more interesting model than before too.The fuel efficiency is also the point as many of new Kei car are more a lot save in fuel.

Here is Future Kei car model release 2013-2016 that we gather from various sources.

2014 Suzuki Hustler Coup

2013…… At late december 2013 Suzuki will enter crossover segment with the Hustler.The car is new type of vehicle in the K car category.The car intent for town use and out of town with all wheel drive function.The car will have fuel economy around 30 k.m./liter and expect to release around 5,000 unit per month

2014…..At 2013 Tokyo motor show,Suzuki unveil new generation ladder frame platform that expect to use in next generation Jimny SUV.The Holiday auto Magazine say that we may be see a launch at early 2014 and this is the rendering

2014….Hustler Coup???.At 2013 Tokyo motor show,Suzuki unveil the ready to production version of Hustler Coup concept.If the car in production, it will be a great alternative to the Hustler crossover

2014….The around last quarter of 2014.It will be new launch of Alto hatchback.Expect fuel economy will up around 1-2 k.m./liter to 36-37 k.m./liter.

2014 Suzuki X lander preview next generation Jimny

2015….Expect launch of Suzuki Cappuccino  convertible.

2015….Expect the launch of new Alto lapin

2016….Early 2016 is last year of life cycle of Suzuki MR wagon

2016…. Late 2016 is should be new launch of Suzuki WagonR that current generation debuted in September 2012.

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Suzuki working for next generation light commercial vehicle(LCV)that will launch in next 2-3 year,And information of next APV

2014 Suzuki Carry Kei
Suzuki working for next generation light commercial vehicle(LCV)that will launch in next 2-3 year

According to Economic time and some respective source,the replacement of 2 current’s company light commercial vehicle(LCV) is under development.Currently Suzuki have around 3 size of LCV in offer.For example,The recently launched Suzuki Carry that have size under Kei-car category that market in Japan.Second, the 3.8-3.9 meter long that also named carry that sell outside Japan.And third is pick up version of Suzuki APV that position above the second car.

As the report said,they ‘re working not less than 2 new car,including 3.8-3.9 meter long LCV that expect to mate with Suzuki’s engineer 800 CC diesel engine that generate around 50 hp and unconfirm petrol but SuzukiFan expect around 1000 CC and may be use latest K-series engine.This car will intent for India and indonesia.Altrough the company is not have LCV in offering in India now but they hope to have a share of a compounded annual growth rate of 18% over the next five years to 830,000 units by 2016.Now Tata have Ace as the market leader that gian half of the segment.The Ace have size nearly this car but the 700CC engine have just 16 hp but seem like Suzuki engine will generate more power because it will also power the Suzuki’s hatchback.So,maybe pricer than the Ace

Suzuki Carry APV pickup-Carry

The second car is next generation of Suzuki APV pickup that will have size around 4.2-4.4 meter long 1.695 wide. under the hood may be 1.4 liter diesel engine and 1.4 liter K-series petrol engine.

They also report of next generation of APV (B-segment people mover that base in ladder flame platform)may be use sliding door in state of normal door.The source say that design is similar to Nissan Serena/Suzuki Landy. SuzukiFan hope,Suzuki up size the car to compact car because they have the Ertiga position in the B-segment MPV.

The LCV will display as concept around early 2014 and will ready around late 2015-early 2016.

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