Next generation Suzuki Cappuccino

Next generation Suzuki Cappuccino rendering by Holliday auto

Suzuki Cappuccino is a 2 seat/2door convertible hardtop sport car offer between 1991–1997.It very popular among budget sport car fan both inside and outside Japan.It have dimension 3,295 mm long 1,395 mm wide and 2,060 mm wheelbase.It body under kei car regulation

Under the hood,It have 0.6 liter 63 hp 3 cylinder turbocharged engine.

Driveven by front wheel drive and weight just 725 kg and weight distribution is 50/50.Together with low riding body made it fun,superb handling and easy to drive.

Suzuki Cappuccino rendering

The car produce at Kosai plant but production end in 1997 dua to limit investment on new product.

Many website say that Suzuki is confirmed to develop replacement of Cappuccino and say that they willstart collaboration with Catherham which have strong specialize in 2 seat sport car.Catherham is based in Surrey, UK and recent lu taken over by Team Lotus owner Tony Fernandes.

It mean,Not only The Cappuccino got help to share development cost but also may be play important role in market out size Japan than before.Tony Fernandes also say that the Catherham car will extent the range by helping hand from renault and consider produce car in Malaysia and nealy region.

Next generation Suzuki Cappuccino convertible

SuzukiFan not sure the car will be limit in kei car size or not and release date is not release for now.Eventhen , We have got rendering by Holliday auto for your viewing enjoyment.

Content by SuzukiFan (Picture by Holliday auto )

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