Next generation (2014) Suzuki Grand Vitara will base on Kizashi’s plaform and styling will carry from Kizashi2 concept. told that European debut of Suzuki Grand Vitara successor will arrive at September 2013.but before that around middle of next year the car will get world premier and start sell in Japan before the rest of the world.This time line consider delay from 2011 that the car was originaly planed.

The first and second generation Grand Vitara is a very off road capable, build on truck based ladder frame chassis,current generation is change to “monocoque with built-in ladder frame” which give comfort and stability like modern SUV but also get rigidity like traditional off roader.

Goauto report that Suzuki have heavily discuss that they continue to use built-in ladder frame chassis or change to car base chassis that everyone else is doing.But they see that a lot of Suzuki customer in rural area prefer traditional built-in ladder frame.The decision of it have been made since last year but Suzuki is tight lip and no one out side know the decision.But most of people,including are believe that they go for car base and could endup with Kizashi platform that is very capable and give the Suzuki Kizashi sedan one of the best handling sedan around.

Design of the car should carry from Suzuki Kizashi 2 crossover concept that debuted in 2007 Tokyo motor show.Altrough the concept arrived for many year but when Autointrends consider see it still have up to date design (If we compare to Nissan Hicross concept the preview the next X-trail that release early 2012).Autointrends also see that the design is very beautiful blend with tough look and sporty.

The next generation Grand Vitara should get 2.0 and 2.4 liter petrol engine and may get 135hp 2.0 liter DDiS diesel turbo from Fiat.The car also report to have 3 row version and 7 seat.The car should have as long as the Mazda CX-7.The car will also upgrade materials and should have as good as quality of Kizashi sedan and should eventualy be flagship for Suzuki when it arrive in 2013.

Source : Autointrends

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