Suzuki Pakistan (Pak Suzuki) launch Suzuki Swift hatchback 1300 cc


Finally,Pak Suzuki lauch local assembly Suzuki Swift hatchback in Pakistan after the car hit market globally since may 2005. The Pakistan’s Suzuki Swift hatchback will get the same specification as the global Swift. under the hood
will got  4 cylinder 1300 cc (M13A) engine mate with 5 speed manual. Price starts from Rs. 999,000. Meet Suzuki Swift now at your Local dealer.


Press Release

Pak Suzuki Motors has announced the launch of Suzuki Swift . Suzuki Swift is a 1300 cc hatchback car that is priced slightly lower then Lianna, which was losing its share in the 1300 category cars.

    With success stories in countries across the globe, the new Suzuki Swift has embarked its journey in Pakistan. From the very beginning of the new Swift’s development programme, a dedicated team of Suzuki designers and engineers collaborated extensively with automotive professionals and motoring enthusiasts in pursuit of Suzuki’s best compact car ever. Suzuki on track of its radical programme of innovation, to reaffirm and strengthen

Suzuki’s position as a leader and innovator in compact car segment and to yield vehicles that embody unique position of company being market leader in automobile industry. In pursuit of this and satisfying market need of a compact car with latest technology which also meets international mark; Suzuki Engineers went into relentless effort to come up with new Suzuki Swift and modify it according to the needs and requirement of Pakistani customer.

New Suzuki Swift has short yet impeccable history of Success, rewards and accolades. With Car of the year awards in Australia and New Zealand, Asian countries like Japan, China and India and European countries such as Belgium, Spain, Ireland and United Kingdom; and marked century of awards in other criteria, new Suzuki Swift is continuing its journey of success in Pakistani Market.

Some of the salient features of the new Suzuki Swift 2010 model are the following:


Exterior of Suzuki Swift

1) Halogen Headlamps

2) Front Fog lamps

3) Matching powered side mirrors.

4) Stylished Chrome front grill

5) Rear Brake Lamp

6) Large and Wide Rear bumpers


Interior of Suzuki Swift

1) Quality Audio Player (CD player with MP3 playback/cassette/FM-AM tuner, 24-bit-resolution-DAC, multicolor display with remote control)

2) Sporty Steering

3) 5-Speed Manual Transmission gear with Driver orientation

4) Removal Ashtray between the front two seats

5) Chromed Door handle

6) Sporty and Easy to Read Instrument panel

Performance of Suzuki Swift

Quiet Cabin
Floor panels that are free of beads are combined with high-damping efficiency asphalt sheets to keep floor panel vibration to a minimum. The driver and passengers enjoy an exceptional smooth, quite ride even on rough road surfaces.

Low Wind Noise
A drag coefficient of only 0.32 is realized by aeroparts such as front airdam, by the spoiler-type shape of the tailgate’s tailing edge, and by airflow-smoothing door mirrors. The high aerodynamic efficiency promotes cabin quietness by minimizing wind noise.

Electronic Power Steering
To enhance driving experience and to provide with efficient controlling ability, swift is equipped with technology of Electronic Power Steering (EPS). EPS put lesser load on engine, requires no periodic maintenance and is vehicle speed sensitive. Thus it will help you with better fuel economy, lower maintenance cost and better control on your swift.

Price of Suzuki Swift Pakistan 2010

The price of new Suzuki Swift 2010 in Pakistan starts from Rs. 999,000.

Suzuki Swift Pakistan Picture Gallery

Suzuki- Swift-11_l


Suzuki- Swift-03_l

Suzuki- Swift-04_l

Suzuki- Swift-15_l

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